Environmental Policy

Trilogy Freight is a logistics and warehousing company which stores and transports goods for companies throughout the UK.

Trilogy Freight Ltd. is committed to reducing its impact on the environment, and sustainability is one of its main priorities. Trilogy aims to be a leader in sustainability in the freight industry. It strives to reduce its impact at all its work sites and throughout the company. This work is supported by a belief in ensuring continuous improvements are made where possible and ensuring all employees are aware of the Environmental Policy and embrace sustainability & reducing environmental impacts.

Objectives and targets for the company are to be reviewed periodically, or whenever there are changes to the ways of working which could affect the company’s impact on the environment. Periodic reports on sustainability and environmental performance will also be provided to the Board of Directors.

To receive any additional information please contact: Oliver Snowden Health, Safety & Compliance Manager OSnowden@trilogyfreight.com

  • Comply fully with any relevant environmental legislation and regulations
  • We operate out of 3 prime location airports
  • Produce a best-practice system for environmental practices, meeting or, where possible, exceeding good environmental practices
  • Ensuring all equipment and vehicles are as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible
  • Managing waste appropriately and reusing or recycling where possible, and sourcing products which have been recycled whenever available
  • Using renewable sources for energy, wherever feasible
  • Aiming to continuously improve its environmental practices and look at ways to review current practices to enable more environmentally friendly processes
  • Ensure adherence to current Environmental standard ISO 14001:2015
  • Continually monitor, evaluate and improve environmental practices in line with current legislation and best practices
  • Working with companies to measure and reduce environmental impact, for example, One Carbon World, who will aid Trilogy Freight to measure, reduce and offset our carbon footprint